Introducing Our Little One

This is my new pet. I wasn’t sure how to feel when I saw the little one scurry past me on my bedroom wall. Initially, I jumped up, ran out of the room, and tried to think of some way to get rid of it. I grabbed a piece of Tupperware and tried to cover it. Of course, the gecko was far smarter and faster than that. My housemate, Sara, came in and mentioned that it had been running around her bedroom for the past couple of weeks. I then decided it’s not like a mouse and I should just let it go. Today I found out that geckos eat mosquitoes. With that I have decided that my new mosquito repellent needs a name. Any thoughts? Is Geico too cliché?


  1. After thinking it over, Geiko is probably the best name for your little one because everyone would know who he is. He is adoreable riding in his little car, and putting the guys wrinkley dollar bill in the machine to get the "crisps" and on and on. That is who I think of when I think of him. (He is a him isn't he?) I would go with your original idea if it were me. I can just see him now......

  2. I like the change in spelling from Geico to Geiko. Geiko the gecko sounds good to me.