Lilongwe Market Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday began our staff orientation.  Part of the orientation had included heading to the markets via a minibus.  Honestly, I've been a bit leery of the minibus experience.  The buses are small, cramped, and the drivers are fearless.  Then it was pointed out that the mini buses are how the ABC students and many of the people that work at ABC get around town, so I decided I needed to get over myself and experience a part Malawi the way the locals do.  Additionally, the scavenger hunt is a right of passage for all new ABC missionaries. 
The newbies were divided into groups each with an ABC Malawian student guide.  Me, Nane (our Malawian ABC student guide), Chris (my housemate), Michael (one of two single guys at ABC), Amanda and Cara.  

Waiting in the rain to catch a minibus took about 15 minutes. 

Here is a short clip of the ride.  Notice the windshield wiper sticking out and the crack across the windshield.  Classic!  Really, I've noticed most cars sport a cracked windshield.

Still smiling.

Produce portion of the market.

Not only are those sardines but they are dried.  To each their own.

Buying eco-friendly shopping bags. Mine is on the right.

BabyBjorn Malawian style.

Toll bridge to get to the other side of the market.  The cost was approximately 7 cents.

I didn't think the photo was really doing the bridge justice.

Cleanest and widest part of the market.  Even our doctor from India said the markets were much more cramped than she was used to.

The butcher.  This picture actually looks nicer than it did in reality.  The stall was small and dark as we were standing just outside of it for the picture. 

Minibus lot for a ride back to campus.  Basically, a minivan with a fourth row of seating.  Yes, I said fourth.

I didn't realize just how big the markets were.  I had been to the produce section before but crossing the bridge led to a series of markets.  I hope to get video walking through some of the areas because there is just so much going on.  It's quite fascinating.  While we got all the items on our scavenger hunt list and beat everyone back to campus, we didn't win because another group managed to pay less for all of their goods.  

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  1. It was a lot of fun! Very educational. Quite draining. But still a lot of fun! I really enjoyed our whole group!!!