Malawi Mouse - On a Steeeck!

Having lived in San Diego for over a decade, if I was to come across a small brush fire I would panic and call the authorities. Here in Malawi, these are pretty common and no one is calling the Fire Department. Reason: it may be harvest time. Let me set the scene. Malawi is a very poor, small, land locked country in southeast Africa. Sometimes eating is solely for survival and often leads to desperate measures. That is where the following option comes into play.

Mice - On A Stick!
(Yes, I heart Jeff Dunham's Jose Jalapeno - On a Steeeck!)

These vendors are everywhere in Malawi.  So how does this whole process work?  Sometimes people catch the mice by hand, sometimes they start a small brush fires to kill the mice and then collect them, and sometimes they very creatively drown the mice as noted in the article above.  The rats are then skewered (sort of), salted, and roasted. 

This post was prompted by a fellow ABC missionary's story.  You've got to read Whitney's post

"I'll take, I Didn't See That Coming for $500, Alex."


  1. In earlier times, Missionaries in order not to offend, HAd to eat what was in the pot and PRAY that they could keep it down; not get sick or die when they visited the Kraals. At least you have a choice. Ha! Happy Hunting!

  2. P.S. Love all of your adventures. Keep them coming!

  3. African Sausage...glad I avoided it while I was there. The Zambian's wouldn't touch njoka (snake)...I wouldn't touch the African Sausage. Fair enough!

  4. Theoretically, if you're offered something to eat you need to take it. However, faining ill is a completely acceptable way to avoid that. Luckily, the mice on a stick are from street food vendors and are not likely to be served if I joined a local family for dinner.

  5. wow there is a lot over there but rember the lord is with you hope you love all your adventures you take. love,
    larissa robles