Victoria Falls: The Best Facebook Profile Pic Tutorial

Curious as to how one achieves a Facebook profile pic like this?

Step 1:  Travel to Livingstone, Zambia or Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from September to December.  Personally, I recommend the Zambian side.  I know, this step is probably going to be your greatest obstacle, but Zambia not only has Victoria Falls but also has the best safari park in all of Africa.  Really, Zambia NEEDS to make it onto your bucket list.

Step 2:  Head out to Livingstone Island through the Royal Livingstone Hotel. Why?  Cuz hanging off the edge of Victoria Falls is an organized excursion that you pay for (and can be booked through any lodging).

Step 3:  Hop on a boat that ferries you out to Livingstone Island on the upper Zambezi River.  Note the spray from the falls and pray your boat engine works and has an anchor.  Just kidding (sorta, not really).

Step 4:  Enjoy the view.

Step 5Strike a pose.

The "giddy with excitement" pose.

 The "watch Felix, your guide, show you how to gently wade into Devil's Pool" pose.

The "watch your guide NOT jump over the edge" pose.

The "hey - the guide survived and I am soooo doing that" pose.

The "I would NEVER get to do this in the United States" pose.

The "I am not wasting another minute, I am jumping" pose.

The "this is the most awesome thing I've ever done" pose.

The "don't cha wish this was you, sucka" pose.

Step 6Shimmy to edge of Devil's Pool.

Take a peak.

Get a little closer.

Take a few deep breaths.

Over smile for the camera, cuz now there is even a rainbow.  Really!!!

Add in a dramatic pose.

Or, two.

This is living for all it's worth!

What?!  How?!  - That post is here.  Enjoy!

Click here to read more about my Victoria Falls trip.


  1. I enjoyed a NATGEO program yesterday on the Zambisi River. Really something. Of course it included the Vic Falls.