Support (Almost) Raised

As many of you know, most missionaries are volunteers and therefore need to raise financial support to fund their ministry.  I, of course, am no exception.  Today I am excited to announce that another member has joined the finance team.  Yippee!!!  Really, this is every exciting and deserving of a Snoopy happy dance.  So I will say it again.  Yippee!! 

An animal heel click (we'll pretend that is what is happening) to really drive home the point.
Drum roll please (sorry, no animal photos for this one)....
My middle school and high school science education ministry is 90% fully funded.  This even means that my thermometer on the right gets an update. 

An additional $125 a month would fully fund this ministry.  So close, I can see a victory lap in the future. 

To help fully fund this ministry become a member of the finance team by clicking here

As they say in Malawi - Zikomo!  (Thank you)

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