What are DONATIONS for?

Public education in Malawi is limited in terms of resources and depth.  For example, a K-4 class might include 150 students in one room without books or other basic supplies.  Obviously, that educational format doesn't properly equip students to continue their education or generate much of an income.  Private school education is good but often comes with a high price tag. This is where African Bible College Christian Academy comes into play.  ABCCA is a private international Christian school offering drastically reduced tuition, even more so for the Malawian community.  Much of the facilities, supplies, and equipment are the result of outside donations - including the teaching staff.

I am an ABCCA faith missionary teacher, meaning I am not provided a salary but required to raise support. By doing so, this allows tuition to the academy to be much lower as tuition is not going towards teacher salaries. The blessing in this is that some Malawian families are able to send their children to ABCCA. Otherwise, attending a top notch school would be unobtainable to almost all Malawians. Additionally, many international students that would have to be home schooled or sent to boarding school have the opportunity to attend school close to home as public education here is limited in comparison to the developed world.  I know that teaching as a volunteer for two years seems a bit unconventional, but I like that ABCCA is not just a school for international students but for the community as well. ABCCA's goal is to have a student population that is 50% Malawian, enabling them to better serve and meet the needs of the community.

How much support are you raising?

Currently, the amount of support to be raised comes to a minimum of $1200.00/month. You might think that providing $20 a month or a $20 special gift doesn't make a difference but IT DOES!  All Gifts are even TAX-DEDUCTABLE.

How much of your support goes towards administrative costs?

The good news is that 96% of the funds donated go directly to provide for ministry needs, with only 4% of donations going to cover the administrative costs of running the home office in Mississippi.  Ultimately, the home office is there to assist the African Bible Colleges' missionaries abroad.   Four percent is low for administrative costs.

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

Absolutely!  The home office in Mississippi will send you a receipt with each donation.  If at tax-time you would like a year-end receipt then you may happily request one from the African Bible Colleges USA office

What are my options for making a donation?

Monthly sponsorships -  Contributing small amounts monthly ($20-$100) better enables me to plan and meet my budget.  For most, a small monthly contribution is hardly noticed in one's budget, yet allows charitable giving to be part of one's regular routine.

Special Gifts - This is an option that is great for those with varying incomes, those interested in quarterly/intermittent giving, and those interested in lump sum giving. 

  • Credit/Debit payment - While many prefer the ease of a credit/debit payment, Visa and MasterCard (whether using a debit or credit card) take 5% of your donation, making the administration fee 9%.  However, if this is your preferred method of giving click here.   Choose Jennifer Jackson from the select a missionary drop down menu. 

  • Check - Checks are still great for making donations, however, you'll have to mail them making the process of giving difficult to automate.  
                    Make checks payable to African Bible Colleges

                    Mail to:   Jennifer Jackson Mission Fund
                                   African Bible Colleges
                                   PO BOX 103
                                   Clinton, MS  39060

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (best) - This method is preferred as it does not require a bank fee.  All donations go toward the ministry.  In addition, you can easily accomplish this task securely from the comfort of your computer (no mailing required).  Likewise, if you choose to give monthly using an EFT the process becomes automatic.  Special gifts may also be given through an EFT as well.  Click here to donate using an EFT.  Be sure to put Jennifer Jackson in the specific instructions box.  Additional questions may be fielded at 601.922.1962  

In order for donations to be considered tax-deductible, they need to be handled by a non-profit.  Therefore, all donations are securely processed by the African Bible Colleges' administrative office in Mississippi.  Additional donation questions may be answered by ABC administrator Jan Harper by email or phone at 601.922.1962 .

How do I know you have received my donation?

Typically donations take six to eight weeks for processing.  Once I receive a record of your transaction then I will send you an email or snail mail letting you know I have received it.   I would also recommend that you shoot me an email so that I can be watching for your donation to appear on my monthly giving updates. 

Have you raised all of your monthly support already?

Almost!  Some months I am fully funded and other months I am a bit short.  You can see my current status by clicking here.  Want to help fully fund this ministry?  Become a member of my financial support team by clicking here.  

What happens when you don't reach your monthly support needs?

The remaining amount of support needed is supplemented by ABCCA. The tough part is that the funds to support the development of the school (classroom supplies, building more classrooms, upgrades) are going to support my ministry. Ultimately, my desire is to be a fully supported missionary so that incoming funds are appropriately funneled towards improving the facilities, equiping classrooms, and keeping tuition costs low. 

What have you contributed financially towards this ministry?

Preparing to move to Malawi required me to spend quite a bit up front, about $5000. 

Why should I partner with you financially?

I know some of you may have wanted to help those in Africa, but have not felt comfortable donating to an organization where you are unsure of where the funds are going. Asking my friends to partner with me financially has been difficult.  However, I have to acknowledge that many of you would love to help Africa and this may be one way in which you feel comfortable. Education is a means of equipping an individual to help the greater whole and is a gift that truly keeps on giving. 

In these tough economic times I know that many of you are struggling financially and my prayers are with you. When I look at how little most Malawians have and even have access to, I realize that I have more than enough and I know some of you feel the same way. Nonetheless, presenting you with this partnership opportunity has been very humbling. Still, I would like to challenge you pray about a monthly gift of $25 to $50 to support this ministry. 

If you're feeling led to become part of the ministry financial support team, click here.

Thank you,