On top of Nkhoma, all covered in bugs. I ...

Last weekend, a group of us went to Nkhoma to go hiking.  This was cool because several of our students at ABCCA live in Nkhoma which is about an hour outside of Lilongwe.  It's really a cute little town at the base of a mountain.  Enjoy!

Heading Towards the Mountain

Having fun on the drive up.

At the base of the mountain.
Still admiring the mountain.
Was actually attempting to take a picture of the small hut in the distance but also got the dog "relieving" himself.

Made it to the top of the highest point.

We made it!
Words of wisdom.

Amazing view!  The bugs were a bit irrating but hey they don't carry malaria, so no biggie.  Right?

Click here for more great pictures from the hike.

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  1. I am so glad you are having a good time. Those Races you ran are paying off!