Knock on Wood

As with many third world countries there are concerns about the water and Malawi is no exception.  Apparently, ABC's location in Lilongwe provides us with some of the cleanest water in the area.  So far I haven't gotten sick (knock on wood) and I've even brushed my teeth using straight tap water.  I, however, have not been drinking it straight from the tap.   At ABC we use this ...

Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter 
This is one of those cute little water filtration systems that you use when camping in the back country on steroids.  Evidently, highly effective.  The school had a microbiologists that came and tested the water and its fine.  No boiling required.  You can see my Brita hiding in the back.  The water from the Katadyn is a bit chalky so the Brita helps to improve the taste a lot.   
The water filters are activated charcoal and silver impregnated ceramic.  I find them fascinating.  Anyone else ever use a Katadyn product?   If you're as enthralled as I am or planning on living where the water is questionable check out the Katadyn TRK Drip Ceradyn Water Filter or Katadyn TRK Drip Gravidyn (Gravity Container) System 2110080.  A little side note on usage - that much water takes hours to filter.  Because the water goes in and out much like electricity, we try to keep the tank full and we've got extra bottled water stashed.  To future ABC missionaries most of the homes are already equipped with water filters.  Check with an ABC staff member to find out if you'll need one.

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