First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for African Bible Colleges Christian Academy.  It was a whopping two hours long.  Whew! Needless to say,  I REALLY enjoyed the format.  First, my ninth grade homeroom students arrived and we discussed a few details for about 15 minutes.  Then all of the middle school and high school students came to my lab for a group meeting for 30 minutes.  Crazy to think that they all fit but the current high school is primarily an online program so they're aren't many students.  They are looking to have a full high school program in the next few years.  Anyway, having all the middle school and high school students together was great way to introduce the students to their teachers so they didn't have to travel from classroom to classroom.  We, the teachers, all shared fun, interesting, and sometimes embarrassing facts about ourselves.  Then it was off to a school wide assembly with the parents.  This event totally blew me away by the sheer number of parents in attendance.  I would have to say that almost all kids had both parents present.  There were more parents than kids.  It almost brought me to tears, but since I was sitting on stage I had to internalize my "get it together" speech.  After working in a Title I school for so many years, I think I almost forgot that kids actually have parents.  It's kind of similar to when students think their teachers live at school and sleep under their desk at night.  After the assembly I even had parents come up and introduce themselves to me.  Unbelievable!

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