Driving In Malawi

Every time I am in a car I am completely fascinated by all that is going on around me and little surprised when I make it back home accident free.  I hope to continue to take pics and videos of this and one day put together a montage but for now here is a few I have taken for just a glimpse into life on the road.  Enjoy!

Always seeing people riding in the back of pick up trucks in all sorts of ways.

Our fearless South African driver enjoys synchronized passing.  Seriously, I freaked out a bit as you'll notice when the camera dropped.  My sigh of relief at the end was priceless.

This video was necessitated after almost being t-boned by a small herd of cattle (mostly bulls).  No ever one seems to be paying any attention to what the cattle are up to.  I like that the two in the back seat, just kept their conversation going like it's no biggie. 

Honking is absolutely necessary for everyone's safety in Malawi.  You're sharing narrow roads with other cars, bikers, walkers, and the occasional herd of goats.


  1. Thanks for the laughs. Loved the sigh of relief!

  2. It brings a smile to my face every time I hear it. I am my mother's daughter.

  3. I remember a wild JEEP ride in the mountains in San Diego, CA driven by this teacher in Malawi. So....I am not surprised at this trip. Ha!