Prayer Partnerships Made Easy

I have a new gadget at the bottom of the blog to make prayer partnerships much easier.  A friend of mine suggested that while I am serving in Malawi, Africa I should have friends and family volunteer to pray for me once a month on a regular schedule and I for them.  So I have been thinking about how to pull that off and that's where Google Calenders has come into play.  If you are interested in being a designated prayer partner send me an email or Facebook message (include your email) with your desired day.  I'll add you to the calender and the program will send you an email once a month reminding you of our prayer partnership.  Easy!  The email will include prayer requests and you can respond with requests of your own.  How cool is all of this? 


  1. Jen,
    I do pray for you daily. I had thought I would choose the 31st of the month to pray extra for you and then I realized there are only 7 months a year with 31 days. Please put me down for the 3rd. Love