You know you're still a tourist when . . .

If you live in Malawi long enough, you'll probably have a snake in your house.  I thought I might have by passed this life experience, much like avoiding malaria (knock on wood), but no such luck. 

Even after having lived in Malawi for almost two years, I am still a tourist.  How do I know?  You might be a tourist if YOU FILM THE SNAKE YOU CAUGHT IN YOUR BATHTUB BEFORE YOU REMOVE KILL IT.

Truth, I tried to remove the snake by putting it in a box and taking it outside.  It was only a small, blind snake that resembled a worm.  However, I am a squirmy girl and it was wiggling too much for me to coerce it into a box.  So I ended up ... you're not going to like this.  I end up throwing rocks at it and then sending it down the drain. Basically, I tortured, paralyzed, and then drowned the sucker.  I, kind of, felt bad about it.  Kind of. 

On a funnier note,  the snake popped it's head out of the tap covers the night before while my roommate was, get this, taking a bath.  Makes me shiver just thinking about it.  The crazy African didn't even scream.  She's a star.

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