Crisis Nursery Donation Visit

Today I made one last trip to the Ministry of Hope Crisis Nursery in Lilongwe to hold and feed the babies.  On this trip I got to take with me and the other volunteers a stack of diapers, food, and grooming aids for the kiddos.  These donations were made by some of the kids on the ABC campus and a women's Bible study group in San Diego.  How cool is that?!  The nursery uses cloth diapers most of the time because disposables are very expensive.  Sometimes the lack of water and electricity for hours on end prevents the mamas (staff) from being able to wash the diapers, so disposables come in very handy.  Thank you San Diego ladies.  The diapers were very much appreciated. 

This little guy could have been happily held all night.

As you can see from the food on his shirt, my feeding technique could use a little work.   Although I suspect he may be a fellow food snob, much like myself, since he kept spitting the cereal back out.

Click here to learn more about the crisis nurseries.   

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