South Africa: My First Hostel Stay

Yep! I, Jen, at the tender young age of 33 finally had my first hostel stay.  It's not because I've lived the glam life all these years, it's because I haven't done much in terms of world travel. 

This then begins my series on my trip to South Africa over Christmas break.  I dug into my savings and had quite the adventure.  Before I share my tales of shark cage diving, eating Nile crocodile, and enjoying an afternoon snack while suspended 50 meters in the sky, let me begin by sharing a little about my first hostel stay. 

My South African adventure began in the city of Johannesburg (affectionately dubbed Jo'burg).  Jo'burg is South Africa's largest and most dangerous city.  Needless to say we were cautious in our meanderings through the city, so after scouring the web for a safe and suitable accommodation I decided upon on Shoestrings Airport Lodge

Granted, it wasn't the Taj Mahal, but...

It was secure.

We had a private room and bath to ourselves, with extra pillow upon request.

And I had a smile on my face after a good night's sleep.

The best features were complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and transport to and from the airport and the Gautrain.  Seriously, you can't beat that for $25/person a night. There is even a hotel next door with a great restaurant.  We stayed here again for our return trip to Lilongwe.  I would highly recommend this place if you find yourself staying overnight in Jo'burg, which is quite common if you do any travel to Southern Africa.  Contact Rob for a better rate than the one listed on  Needless to say, I am now an official hostel fan.

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