Lilongwe Wildlife Center: It's not just about the animals.

The Lilongwe Wildlife Center is a rehab facility for many sick and injured animals.  However, not all the animals treated are capable of surviving in the wild and are used for an educational viewing instead.  For our visit we learned that the best time to go is at the end of the day when they feed the animals.  Here's what we saw.

A lion.

A large crocodile.

A hyena.

Lots of monkeys.

Enough with the wildlife.  This place was great for simply taking in life.

I learned that I was hippo height.

How to call people baboons in Chichewa.

And other helpful phrases.

If you're looking for a cig, try the candy bowl.

I live near (almost) crocodile infested waters.  Sweet! 

You can find a carport almost anywhere.

For those of you who think the Baby Bjorn is a scam...
Let's just say there is more than one way to wrangle carry a baby. 

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