My New - Old Phone

Hello 2012 Jen,

It's 2000 Jen showing you my cool new phone. 

Remember this?

Look how small it is! 

Actually, this is my most recent phone as of January 2012.  In an era of smart phones and apps, this is what I am rockin'.  Many smart phones don't work here, so there really isn't much of a point.  I even had my roommate bring me this from South Africa for cheap because you can easily spend $50 on something like this in Malawi.  Surprisingly, you can get BlackBerry service and a lot of people are using it. I just don't use my phone enough to warrent paying extra for the service (or buying a BlackBerry).   I  suspect it won't be long before there is 3G and 4G service readily available in Malawi and everyone will be Skyping on their iphone while playing Angry Birds.  Well, maybe not that soon.

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