Victoria Falls: River Boarding The Zambezi River

At this point I am starting to sound like a bragger with the craziness I've been up to, but... consider these posts as exposing you to things that you never thought were possible.

With that said,  my second most highly recommended adventure to do while in Victoria Falls is to river board and white water raft the Zambezi River.

Catch that?  River boarding. I'll pause to suggest you watch the video below before I continue.

Talk about an amazing rush. I am not the best swimmer so I stuck with the class 2 and 3 rapids. Most of the time, I wasn't quite riding the rapids but holding a boogie board at my side while being tossed around the Zambezi, but it was still awesome. Along the way you could hop back in the river raft whenever you wanted and when we encountered a small still patch of crocodile infested water, it was required.  The whole thing was a bit scary, but far less dangerous than surfing in the ocean.

This was the best rafting trip I have ever been on by far. Rafting, river boarding, cliff diving, and riding rapids sans raft or board - Amazing! Have I used amazing enough in my posts lately?

We didn't head out to Jungle Junction as the video recommends, but I've decided I should ride in a dug out canoe at some point.  If I ever make it out to Lake Malawi again, I think I can actually pull that off.

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