What Song Would A Kid In Malawi Want To Sing For a Talent Show?

Even more specifically, what would an eight year old girl want to sing for a talent show in Malawi?  Give up?  Mylie Cyrus's The Climb - Duh!  Yes, even in the heart of landlocked Africa the kiddos can't get enough of Mylie. 

Side note:  Many Malawians have a Facebook account, even though they don't have a computer! 

Anyway, what does this have to do with my living in Africa?  Well, I found myself not only being a co-chair in charge of a talent show but also a judge.  Actually, my 9th grade students voted me in as a judge.  They thought I would have funny comments for the show.  Don't know where they got that idea from.   Could be that I have trouble keeping my "observations" to myself. 

Guess who played Randy, Simon, and Paula?

Hard at work carefully critiquing each Mylie Cyrus song and dance number.

In the end, the winners of the talent show did not receive a trophy or medal but the great joy of shoving a pie in the face of a beloved staff member.  I think this is really an under utilized reward/incentive and should be implemented in the workplace.   Instead of handing someone a certificate of appreciation, how about allowing the employee of the month the honor of pieing their boss in the face. After all, most companies are not in a position to give pay raises. Talk about a boost to employee morale.  The students seemed to enjoy it at least.   

As far as my funny comments for the show, I'm afraid I'm not always impromptu funny on cue.  However, when I was asked what talent I would  perform if given the opportunity I replied with "parallel parking".  I got quite a few laughs on that one and I wasn't even being sarcastic.  Anyone else have a "talent" or "superpower" along those lines?

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