Over Twenty Countries - One Day

International Day 2010 celebrated the diverse make-up of students and staff at ABCCA. While the student body is about half Malawian, the other half comes from all over the globe. The diverse background of my students is one aspect of ABCCA that I really enjoy.

My 9th Grade Homeroom - USA, Malawi, Portugal, Zimbabwe, & Ecuador. 
And no, you can't escape Gator fans even in the far reaches of  Africa. 

The day began with everyone dressing in a style that would represent their home country.

U.K. & U.S.A

Traditional American dress can be interpreted a whole lot of ways.  From this. 

To this.  Apparently, a puffy white shirt goes a long way. 
George Washington on International Day and a pirate on Reading Day.   

Parade set up.

The assembly included a little music from Korea.

Traditional Portuguese dancing.

Traditional music and dancing from Burundi.
(These guys were so amazing that I will be dedicating an entire post to it.)

Staff and students performing a traditional dance in chitinges
 (Malawian wrap skirt). 
Most Malawian women wear western style clothing, but some wear chitinges. 

What could possibly be traditional dancing for Americans?

Anyone?  Anyone?
Country line dancing to the Boot Scoot Boogie.
I didn't see that coming.  I should have known better.

Could have been worse.

It could have been ... the Electric Slide.

The assembly ended with everyone singing an African Christian praise song in Chichewa (Malawian language).  From what I understand this is sung throughout Africa with each country having its own version.  I want to say the song is called There is None Like Jesus in English but I am probably a little off on the translation.  Either way, it was cool seeing everyone come together and sing.

Of course, the whole day concluded with a mass feast of food from around the world.  Yum!!

It also included a Fear Factor moment, so I'll leave you with this.
Any guesses?  It deserves it's own post.


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