Christmas In Lilongwe

Celebrating the Christmas season in Lilongwe has definitely been different, but mostly because I'm not spending time with my family and friends that I've been celebrating with for years.  The parties are still a focal point around these part, so here is a tidbit of all that has happened so far. 

GLORIA:  The story of Christ's birth as told from the perspective of the angels in heaven.

Supervising from the  stands.

The English teacher actually wrote the program script and then utilized various Christmas songs for the singing and ballet portions.  Impressive!  Certainly, not an undertaking I would do well at. 
Of Course, I had to throw in a little video to give you an idea of what was going on.  Mary and Joseph were a progressive couple each from different ethnicity's.


It was a junk food fest. 


I actually forgot to take pictures!

The whole event was a pretty low key potluck.  The idea behind it was to get together with some of our non-ABC staff friends to celebrate the holidays but we invited everyone.  The more the merrier!


The Chinchen's founded ABC so they've been here for awhile.  It really feels like Christmas at their home with all of the decor up.  The evening was comfort food for my soul.  We munched on desserts (this even included a chocolate fountain), had a white elephant gift exchange (the funniest and most strategic I've ever witnessed), and we sang an unexpected and funny version of the twelve days of Christmas (imagine the possibilities for two guys acting out 8 maids a milking - oh, they went there).  

This was in a picture frame for the white elephant gift exchange.  It looked creepier and [insert your own adjective here] in person.  Mike and Tyler definitely got a few laughs for this one. 


The Breuninger's, fellow San Diegans, hosted Fiesta Night.  This included homemade refried beans, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and a little pinata fun, too.  Did I mention everything was homemade?  Believe it or not there are still parts of the world without a taco shop on every corner.  Shame!

Jeannette explaining to the kiddos how to give a pinata a proper hit.

The kids line.

Jack Chinchen
Larry Brown
Some of the big kids gave it a go, too.

So far so good and more to come.  

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