My First Safari

Yes - I took this picture!

I had last week off and embraced the opportunity to go on my first African safari.  The day before I left I felt like I was ten again heading to Disney World for the first time. Last Wednesday my roommate and I headed to Camp Mvuu (hippo) in Liwonde National Park south of Lilongwe.  After five hours of dirt roads and dodging potholes, goats, and villagers, we arrived at the banks of the Shire River for our ferry to Camp Mvuu for some one of a kind and once in a lifetime fun for the next two days.

The boat dock.

Angel, our gracious and knowledgeable guide, shuttling us to our luxury accommodation.
Our "everything you could imagine an African safari luxury accommodation could be" - chalet (a.k.a  tented cabin)

Our chalet really added to the ambiance of being on an African safari in the middle of a national park but with the perks of hot water and electricity.

Unfortunately, the skeleton key hole you see above is not a novelty but still common to Malawi.

It still amazes me that these are used every time I see one.
My first wildlife sighting - a warthog.

After we got settled we watched the sun set and hundreds of bats flying around. 

Serene!  African sunsets are so amazing with all the pink hues.

Clear sky's!  We were lucky gals.

Dinner was a traditional African braai (BBQ).  Basically, a meat fest that included my indulgence in wild boar, not so much because of my highly adventurous spirit but because I haven't eaten much meat lately.   I didn't think twice about downing it, either.   Once again, making my outdoor sportsman dad proud.

A little live music.

A little dancing.

A little more dancing.

A little preview of tomorrow's boat safari post...stay tuned. 

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  1. What can I say? I am more amazed every day at the TREASURES God is guiding you to see and do in that beautiful country as you obediently live out Jeremiah 29:11-12. God Bless you!