The Game Drive

The game drive was definitely my favorite part of the safari.  We were out watching wildlife for about 3 hours: 4pm - 7pm. We were on unpaved trails and cutting through the bush.  I loved every minute of it.  I was worried I was going to feel like it was Saturday at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, but it was so serene with wildlife everywhere.  While Liwonde did not have a big variety of large game animals (no big cats, giraffes, ostriches, etc.) it had a lot of wildlife.  I was worried I wouldn't see an elephant at all but I saw at least a hundred. Most of the groups we saw even had babies.  In about six hundred square kilometers there were 800-900 elephants, so many that they were being shipped to other parks at about 100 at a time.  It was so nice to see wildlife thriving, but the biologist in me will stop raving and kick start today with my favorite moment.

They really look like they are moving in slow motion, but they can cover a lot of ground, fast.

My game drive ride.  It still makes me drool and miss my 2000 Jeep Cherokee.

more drooling ... anyway
Consistently saw all sorts of animals feeding in the same area.  Yes, the wart hogs actually get down on their knees to feed.  They'll walk on their knees, too.  Entertaining. 

Another shot of the elephants walking.

Elephant chowing down on a tree.

sunset feeding


water buck

Zooming through the African plains -- highly recommended.

While our game drive continued, the sunlight did not. This is my last picture.  The guide sitting on the front of the vehicle had a red flashlight (so as to not spook the animals) looking for more wildlife.

The story doesn't end here. 
Check back again, tomorrow.

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