I'm adapting.

Had a revelation today.  Almost everyday the power goes out.  Usually, it's during the day in the middle of my lesson or while I am trying to heat up water for my morning ramen and tea break. When the power goes out in the evening it requires you to stop what your doing and find a flashlight or light some candles.  Luckily, in the evening the power is only out for a few minutes and then the generator kicks on and all is well.  This evening when the power went out I was on the phone chatting with my neighbor whose power also went out.  We never paused during our conversation and just kept on going.  Later, during Bible study the power went off again while we were singing but this time it was only for a few seconds.  No one stopped singing, the guitarist didn't miss a beat, and we all acted like it was totally normal because we've all just gotten used to it.  On the flip side, the college student dorms are on the other side of the street.  Every time the power goes out you hear a roar of moaning and groaning.  I suppose that some never get used to the power outages, even if it's been happening for years. Funny!


  1. Thats my girl! Never give up! We have a lot of people praying for all of you!

  2. What I find MOST amusing about the groaning from the college every time, is that they are all natives. This has been happening since they were born! And every time it seems traumatic to them...