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African Bible College Christian Academy (ABCCA) teachers are faith missionaries, meaning I will not be provided a salary but will need to raise support. By doing so, this allows tuition to the academy to be much lower for families to send their children to school there since the funds are not going towards teacher salaries. The blessing in this is that some local Malawian families are able to send their children there. Otherwise, attending a top notch private school would be unobtainable to local Malawian families. I know this seems a bit unconventional, but I like that ABCCA is not just a school for International students but for the local community as well. ABCCA's goal is to have a student population that is half Malawian, enabling them to better serve and meet the needs of the community.
    Current estimates for support are around $1200/month (cost of living increase) ~$1500.00/month, which is a lot but less than my monthly expenses in the United States now. I know that some of you may have wanted to help Africa, but have not felt comfortable donating to an organization where you are unsure of where the funds are going. The good news is that 96% of the funds donated go directly to provide for my financial needs, with only 4% of donations going to cover administrative costs of running the home office in Mississippi, which is there to assist the African Bible College's missionaries abroad. Asking my friends to partner with me financially has been difficult. However, I have to acknowledge that many of you would love to help Africa and this may be one way in which you feel comfortable. On the flip side, in these tough economic times I know that many of you are struggling financially and my prayers are with you. However, when I look at how little most Africans have and even have access to, I realize that I have more than enough and I know some of you feel the same way. Nonetheless, presenting you with this sponsorship opportunity has been very humbling. If you are feeling led to partner financially with me in this journey, I would be very grateful.
    Partnering with me financially in this journey to Malawi can look a couple of different ways. Regular sponsorships would be best. For example, if I had sponsors contributing $50 a month, I would only need 24 friends to meet my goal of $1200 a month. I suppose that makes this process seem less intimidating (at least to me anyway). In case you are wondering, what would happen if I received too little or too much funding – here is the rundown. Best case scenario, I receive more funds through financial partnerships than I have expected. In this case, extra funds will go to support future months in Malawi, as all funds given to me will go to me. If at the end of two years there are leftover funds, then I would have them go to support other teachers at ABCCA. Worst case scenario, I need to raise at least $600 in support each month. The remaining amount of support would come from ABCCA. The tough part about this for me is that funds to support the development of the school are going to me. Ultimately, that is not the route that I would like to go. Other options for financial partnerships would include intermittent or one time donations. Honestly, any support would be useful and appreciated. The good news is that all donations are tax-deductible.
    Giving can be done in a variety of ways: check, EFT, and credit cards. Depending on your preference, all information needed is provided at the following link. Donate here. Be sure to note Jennifer Jackson on the donation.
    Thank you in advance for your support, whether it is financial, prayer, and/or encouragement, I am very grateful to have such supportive family and friends. I could not do this without you.
God Bless,

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  1. hey how are ms.jackson hope your doing great well this is your student larissa robles from eight grade science of 2010 well take care and i'll keep you in my prayers. sincerely
    larissa robles